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Brazil must step up for Germany

2 unconvincing games for Brazil.The game against Chile and now against Colombia,Games that saw Brazil through but struggled.Brazil now looks to play Germany without captain and key player Tiago Silva.What i saw is a lot of individual type of football.Not organized at all as Brazil was more physical than tactical.They will face a German team that is well organized and

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Brazil 2 Colombia 1

History is always good to visit when talking about a game of this magnitude.Brazil is the more physical team so far in the first half.The Brazilians jumped on the Colombians who actually panicked and went down 0-1.A well whipped cross by Neymar finds Silva unmarked at the second post.The keeper is caught in no mans land as the ball sails

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Germany 1 France 0

Germany booked her ticket to the semi with an early goal against France.1 goal scored by Hummel in the early stages of the game was enough for Germany.A game that saw France try to beat Germany with long balls instead of looking for holes in that midfield. Metersacher was dropped to the bench in favor of Hummel whose pace today

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Argentina vs Belgium

How far can Messi carry Argentina?Cn Messi stage the Diego show of Mexico 86?Maradona scored 2 that day including a solo run that lives in our minds.We saw Messi magic against a stubborn Iran,Nigeria and against Switzerland.He slipped pass defenders to slide in the ball to De Maria who sealed qualification for Argentina.No matter how great the lil wizard is,no

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Brazil vs Columbia

25 games,15 wins for Brazil,8 draws and 2 wins for Columbia.History has Brazil favorites for the quarter finals.Although history is not to be ignored,this will not be an easy game as the records show.Brazil is hard to beat at home but have been far from being impressive as their opponents Columbia.Brazil has not also rotated their squad as they might

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