Argentina vs Holland

These two teams have played some great games in the history of WC.I remember the wonderful goal scored by Bergkamp in 1998.Holland has history on their side with 4 wins 3 draws and 1 loss.Wednesday is totally different game with the best player Messi on Argentina’s side

Lets talk about the defenses of these teams.Both defenses will need to be at their best to give their various teams a chance.Argentina might need to rest Demichelles in this one because of the speed that players like RVP and Robben have when they cut inside.Rojo will be back after serving suspension so we might see a different back 4.Both defenses have to limit mistakes.The reason i say that is because both teams have lethal attacking power.Messi can be slowed down but not stopped.That’s the same for Robben.He is little less of an impact as Messi just because he likes the wide areas thus further from goal.Messi switches and gets in the middle so gets closer to goal often.Strikers on both sides can be the difference.Higuain had a good quarter final against Belgium and will look to help out especially if Di Maria unable to make it.RVP on the other hand will need to step up.He has been disappointing in knockout stages.Sneijder will be a threat coming from midfield as we saw against CRC

Midfield battle will be important as in most games.Messi will need to drop into midfield as usual to help control the game.Argentina will face a different challenge playing Holland.Holland has experience in Sneijder in that midfield and also count on Robben who falls in to make plays.Mascherano and Biglia need another good show if they have to win this one.

Holland’s holding midfield and central backs will be under the threat of Messi and Higuain.They will face their toughest task in the WC and will need to limit mistakes and fouls.Free kicks in dangerous positions will be punished.This is the stage Messi has been preparing for all year.He will be alive and a handful.There is no stopping Messi,can Holland do just enough to slow him down?Can they expose that Argentina defense the way Nigeria did?It’s game on as both teams look for a spot i the finals on July 13th

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