Assessing Argentina

Argentina before their game against Belgium looked too dependent on Messi alone.He has been doing it all with the scoring in group stages .Against Switzerland he found Di Maria after a great run who scored the only goal in a tough game.Today this team showed us that they could defend and close a game that they controlled from the very first minute.The good things to notice about this squad are so many.Messi makes the team tick.His leadership and ability to control the tempo of the game is at a high level.Against Switzerland i saw a squad that was hanging on Messi to survive and shaky at the back.Today a saw a confident team that shut up all avenues and asked questions of that very talented Belgium Squad.Higuain cam alive when needed.He scored a great goal and also had a solo run hit the cross bar.It is important to note that he stepped up after Di Maria went out with an injury.Messi is finally getting much needed help.The Argentina defense also came to live as Demichelles came in for the suspended Rojo.The bad thing about this squad is injury to Di Maria and also Kun Aguero.Di Maria is a vital player in the midfield.He will be missed if he cannot recover on time to play the Dutch.Argentina will need to pull on another tough defensive effort and maybe even better facing Holland.Can they keep Robben at bay?

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