Brazil vs Germany

This is a rematch of 2002 under very different circumstances.Brazil vs Germany has always been a tough game as South America battles European giants.History is largely on Brazil’s side 12 wins 5 draws and only 4 loses to Germany.The game on tuesday will be on different circumstances.Brazil is far from convincing and will be missing Neymar and influential captain T. Silva.

Who can the Brazilians look to for inspiration?Oscar is yet to show the form most expected.He will need to step up and make plays.He will need to find players in open spaces especially behind the German back 4.Players like Luiz can also hit on Fred,Hulk with long balls behind the German defense line.That has so far been the weakness of this German side and Brazil will need to make them pay.Can Willian bring much needed help to give Brazil edge in midfield.If Brazil looses the midfield battle it will be a long day for them.I will expect them to play with 3 defensive midfielders.

Germany will be a tough nut to crack in that midfield.This team has been together for 6 years now and have grown into a mentally strong squad.Germany is good at keeping the ball.They play short and high percentage passes.That’s what they will need to deny Brazil the ball and force them to defend.Brazil is not comfortable defending and will cause lots of fouls as in the Colombia game.Ozil had an off game against France and will need to step up and be the leader in offense once more.Not often you see Brazil being under dogs in a semi final at home.That 36 year unbeaten record is seriously under threat.Brazil has struggled when they play tactically good teams(Mexico,Chile,Columbia)They break down psychologically against Chile.With Neymar and Silva out,Brazil will need more than Scolari.He faces Lowe who has been a tactical genius in this WC  so far.It’s game on as winners will sing their way to WC FINALS

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