WC Finals

#ARG is a technical gifted team.Players like Messi world best,Di Maria and Aguero can take players one on one.They are technically good and can create miss matches if given the space to play with.#ARG likes a slow tempo game while looking for opportunities to feed Leo Messi who is the magic man.Messi was very quiet in the semi finals,he was shot down by a brilliant 1-1 marking from the Holland players.#ARG has also been tough in the defense in this knockout stages.They have controlled the midfield in most games and so have protected their back line very well.The back line has also been good with excellent play from Demichellis.Masherano has also bee n great help playing at the holding midfield position.Goal keeper for #ARG came up big during pk to put his team into finals

#GER tactically is good.They play like a team and do not really on one player.They will benefit from a good rotation because of their depth in squad.So far the Germans have been the kings of the midfield.Kedhira,Basten and Kroos are the dynamic three in that midfield .Their short and high percentage passes have helped them controlled games and put pressure on opponents.Neuer has been best GK of tournament not only because he can stop shorts but also because he has been reading the game very well as a sweeper.He has protected that high back line brilliantly

Great team against best player in the world.Messi will need to be at the top of his game for #ARG to win.He will need to find a way to put himself in dangerous positions where he can hurt the #GER team.A performance like the one against #HOL will not be good enough because #GER is a complete team unlike #HOL.It was easier for them to shot down Robben but will be different against #GER bc they have many players that can hurt you.

How fit is Aguero and Di Maria?These players can help Messi a great deal if fit.Mascherano worked hard last game but will be facing a well #GER side that will not give him all the time to pick out players the way he did against #HOL.This will be another tactical game.A goal will burst it wide open.This is the finals.The tournament has been long and demanding.We have seen how it has taken a toll on players.At this stage adrenaline pump will definitely help but also the fresh players will have a little advantage.Game on

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