Monthly Archives: January 2015

Players Game #CMR vs #MLI

Ondoa What a player at age 19.If this was radio i would be shouting like Zackary Nkwo.He was great when he came out for air balls.He punched the ball far away and when he collected he made sure it was tight.He made a spill at the end but luckily for him the striker was offside.His foot work was incredible.plays well

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Cameroon vs Mali

This is the game I have been waiting to see Cameroon play.We were outplayed in the first half by a physical and tactical side.Mali was way better with Keita controlling that midfield.Mali made great use of the left wing with Sako running the show Sako is bigger and used his frame well.Mali played hard m in with the space left

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It’s easy to blame the coach

It’s easy to blame the coach when his team is out played.Does that mean it was all his fault? No excuse but this is what you should be looking at.Cameroon players had an off day.It could be because of the physical approach of Mali or bad approach by Finke.One thing is for sure,Mali was a better team than Cameroon yesterday.

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