Monthly Archives: January 2015

South Africa vs Senegal

South Africa put themselves in a bad position.Goalkeeper mistakes in this game are very costly and crucial.They might need to change their GK although it is a big risk.There is a reason why he was made number one.It will be a tough decision for coaches to make.Oh well that’s why they are paid the big money Senegal is no easy

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Ghana vs Algeria

Crucial game for Ghana who welcomes back captain Gyan.Ghana is remembered by most as the team that put on a good performance in Brazil against Germany.Their recent performances in qualifiers is a reflection of the present squad that has lost core players from the WC.They face Algeria who was lucky to have played A team with a bad Goalkeeper. Algeria

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Cameroon vs Guinea

The Lions are coming out of a tough encounter against Mali.The game was physical and intense.Psycologically the Lions were challenged.We saw bad first touches from these young Lions.This needs to be corrected in their second game.Meanwhile Guinea had an impressive game against the star studded CIV.Their closing was put to test and I can say they failed against a 10

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