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Finke miss fires

Finke has put himself in a tough position with his choices of players.He made a strong statement in the qualifiers by starting Kwekeu for a lazy Aboubakar.Kwekeu brought his big frame and a big target for the Lions.He plays upfront alone and holds the ball,waits for midfielders and wingers to get involved.He has not scored as many but has settled

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#EQG is growing with time

It took host nation 270 minutes to make their intentions clear.Equatorial Guinea just shock Gabon in the most beautiful way,2-0.A game full of great opportunities and good football.This was a team that had less time to prepare for AFCON.Can they be like Denmark who won the European cup after coming to the tournament by default?Thinking loud Gabon will be kicking

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A Song for Eto’o

What has football become?Is 33 years too old for a striker to play in a squad?I don’t think so.The Lions have been on a self destruct path for decades now.We have failed to progress and change to stay current with modern football.I was an advocate for stability at the coach’s position after WC.I was happy Finke stayed and i think

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Strikers wanted

The AFCON has been a low scoring event.There has been only one game with 3 goals scored and 4 games with 2 goals scored thus far.No player has scored more than 1 goals.Very low performance for strikers.Although we can also attribute this to good organization by teams at the back,I will say that there is a lack of big name

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Players game #CMR vs #GUINEA

Ondoa This keeper is a revelation for the nations cup.Barca could be looking to loan out such a talent so he can grow with experience.He was strong yet again for the Lions.Stopping a one on one shot and making important reads on the game.He had no chance on the goal scored against him.Great performance for the young talent Oyongo What

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