Chelsea vs Liverpool

What a game as both teams continued from where they left it in the first leg.Open game with some excellent passing skills and magic from both teams.Costa was ready to go from first minutes as he was brought down by a slight touch in the Liverpool box.Ref waved it away and called goal kick.Tension in the air

Rogers must have found a solution for Liverpool.They were good on the ball and movement was at it’s best closing down on Chelsea.Liverpool pressed high and put Chelsea in difficulty to start with.Coutinho was a genius on the ball,making midfielders miss and turning them inside out.Sterling was not smart enough after he break loose on a counter attack with Zouma chasing him down.He chose to go pass Terry and Zouma instead of playing the ball to an open Gerald running into space.Good young talent but still lots to learn.In games like this,opportunities don’t come easy.Minutes later Gerald collected the ball and split the Chelsea defense with a through pass to Makovic.He failed to play Sterling in and went for goal.Great safe by Courtois

Second half was more of the Chelsea show.Willian was great all day long.Energetic and always looking to partner up with Hazard and Costa.Hazard was the danger man yet again.His ball handling exceptional.He stops ,turns and leaves players in the durst.Chelsea for the most part looked like the team that was going to win.That forced Liverpool to stay with two holding midfielders even when they went 1 goal down.Ivanovic extra time lost his marker to head home the only goal of the night.Chelsea look comfortable passing the ball around and forcing Liverpool into making mistakes

Changes by Liverpool had little or no impact.Balotelli ran and worked hard but the Chelsea players were all well organized.Big miss by Henderson after he beat Cesar to the ball but his header was wide.If Liverpool plays like this in the EPL,they will have a strong finish


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