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Keeping Fans Honest

It’s been since 2002 when Lions won their last international trophy.AFCON  2002 made it number 4 for the indomitable Lions of Cameroon.Those set of Lions were one the favorites to win #WC 2002.They were kicked out of first round.Ever since the Lions have not won a single game in the #WC.We have gone through one reconstruction to another.We have also

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Evaluating Finke

Hired on the 27th of May 2013.Objectives for the German coach was to qualify the Lions for WC 2014 and nations cup 2015.Finke was proposed to Cameroon by Puma.They pay half of his salary while Cameroon pays the other half.So far he has coached 29 games won 9 drew 12 and lost 8 in all competitions . Finke had 1

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Love Is Not Pain

Why spend your life crying? All the self inflicted pain, Moral and physical abuse, Dragging your kids in the on going drama. Love is not pain, She is crying out for help, But her voice cannot be heard she chokes in her tears,sleeping the pain away. Love is not pain, She lives in fear of him. Bruises in her heart

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