Evaluating Finke

Hired on the 27th of May 2013.Objectives for the German coach was to qualify the Lions for WC 2014 and nations cup 2015.Finke was proposed to Cameroon by Puma.They pay half of his salary while Cameroon pays the other half.So far he has coached 29 games won 9 drew 12 and lost 8 in all competitions .

Finke had 1 year after his initial hiring to qualify Lions and prepare for the world cup.Needless to say he did not win any games in WC.His team was a disgrace and lacked discipline.Many called for his head but Fecafoot succumbed to the pressure of Puma who needed stability for their own business interest.6 months of reconstruction and success saw Finke pass yet another test by qualifying Lions for Nations Cup.

Yesterday on another big stage Finke came out flat.Many want his head for yet another failure in a big stage.The question is,What do you call success in a reconstruction team 6 months into existence?Football minds and experts will tell you the team is on a good direction.They will point to you that only two players in this squad have over 5o caps in national team(Mbia,Nkoulou)More than half of the squad were in their first major tournament

There is not much trust left between Finke and the FA.Will it be wise to force out now?I will say no for these reasons.We don’t trust Owona to be making any football decisions at this moment.He has no vision for things of this nature.Secondly,let the coach get to the end of his contract .He did qualify the Squad for nations cup after they missed 2 previous editions.So it’s a step forward.These young players now have some nations cup experience under their belts.By the time his contract is up,new leadership at Fecafoot will be able to see whats best for the Lions.

He who has the knife and the yam can slice it into any direction.Fecafoot’s hands are tied to Puma.Go figure

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