Keeping Fans Honest

It’s been since 2002 when Lions won their last international trophy.AFCON  2002 made it number 4 for the indomitable Lions of Cameroon.Those set of Lions were one the favorites to win #WC 2002.They were kicked out of first round.Ever since the Lions have not won a single game in the #WC.We have gone through one reconstruction to another.We have also had some hope in #AFCON but failed in the finals to Egypt in 2008 and were quarter finalist in 2004,2006 and 2010.

We failed to qualify in 2012 and 2013.Needless to say that in over a decade we have been bad.Yes the Lions are in need of a real reconstruction if they want to get back to winning ways.Fans have to look at themselves in the mirror before they cry out to a 1-0 defeat to CIV.Fans have to be realistic of the current situation.There is hope and i think a good step was taken by the squad by qualifying itself for #AFCON 2015.The lost to CIV should be a motivator to work harder and fix the broken system.Yes the coach was bad,yes the players were awful but they made a big step by giving fans the possibility to assess them on the African stage.The talent in abundant but the organization has to get better for talent alone is not enough.

#CMR Nations Cup record:

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