Lessons to learn

Not all bad for the Lions.This team is 6 months young with a big competition under their belt.There is lots to learn by these players.They have proven in qualifiers that we can count on them.This is a team that we can count on in the next WC and nations cup qualifiers

Moving forward we need to evaluate the coach.Let him be until we have good leadership at fecafoot.They can then decide on what direction the team wants to move to.Players like Njie,Aboubakar,Moting,Ondoa etc must learn from this experience and keep working hard.Playing together for a longtime brings chemistry within the players.Football is made of physical,Tactical and mental strength.Our players lacked the mental part of it.We can all agree that individually these players are good at their various clubs.All they will need is to continue working hard and our support.Coaches and administration need to identify weaknesses and strength and build on the future.Reality is that we missed 2012 and 2013 nations cup.So are not the same Lions of decades ago.Hope we understood that after our recent failures

Personally i think if Finke resign’s then fine.If not then we must work together to the end of his contract.he has integrated some good players in the team and can still do so.He knows his team and know’s what is missing


  • personally i thing the coach and the other managers in the team failed in players management. we did not use 100% of the total force we had.


    • Player selection was bad true but u have to keep in mind that Owona refused Song’s call up..he would have given us a big option..his vision is great and we could have won at least one of the first two games


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