J.A BELL For Fecafoot

Bell has been very active in AFCON as a reporter with RFI.His views about games and his knowledge of International football is well respected.Bell has been a leader of the game ever since his playing days from Arab Contractors, Marseille and Bordeaux.Jojo has been a long standing energy of players of his generation and football fans of Cameroon since 1990.He gave interviews saying the Lions did not stand a chance.He stood against leadership that will not give players their dues.He was made the scape goat and has suffered from negative press

Jojo with times has been proven to be a man of his words.”Le FranC Parle ,l”homme qui me mange pas ses mots”That does not sit well with lots of corrupt minds but i bet you it’s time for Bell.Nothing is working for the Lions.We hit rock bottom in 2010 and are yet to bounce back from that situation.Coaches fired,Players fired but the real problem still in place.In an interview today Bell was asked about Cameroon.He said players were let go,coaches have been fired but same bad leadership.It’s true he used that as an opportunity to fire at Fecafoot but we all know it is true.We all know how Owona interfered with the team before nations cup

Bell has a proven record.He is involved in football as a consultant.He has never been part of the failed system called Fecafoot.He has never been involved in any of their money scandals and i really think he is the right man to lead us.People say he does not have many friends in the system.That should be a big reason why he should be made president.All the mafia around the failed system should be slowly wiped out.It’s important i point out that he failed at As Babimbi but there are so many positives about the former keeper who won two AFCON in 1984 and 1988.It’s about time the author of “Vu De Ma Cage” gets on Fecafoot stage and lead us back to glory as he did when he was keeper

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