Song-less Lions

This is the game I have been waiting to see Cameroon play.We were outplayed in the first half by a physical and tactical side.Mali was way better with Keita controlling that midfield.Mali made great use of the left wing with Sako running the show

Sako is bigger and used his frame well.Mali played hard m in with the space left at the back by Oyongo.Tough game for the left back.Mali was also very pphysical and were lucky not to get some early cards in first half.They pressed the Lions high and denied them any type of space in the midfield.Early injury for Enoh meant Kom had to replace him.Honestly there was not much difference and I think Kom did a good job in a midfield that was Mali’s.Ondoa was man of the match in the first half because his brilliant performance kept us in the game.Nkoulou was error free.He was strong in his clearance and played well with Chedjou

Second half was a better half for the lions.Salli came into life as Moting fell deeper to help in the midfield.Oyongo had less pressure on the left as lions controlled the game better.Careless foul on the right by Moukandjo meant the lions had to defend.Bedimo lost his man in the second goal and was punished for that.Yatabare did not miss as he slotted it between the legs of Ondoa to put Mali up 1-0.Cameroon was in a situation they have never been in recent games.This new era of Lions had never fell behind and they were going to be tested.Mali never gave in,they never slowed down and they were made to pay.What a ball from Loe.Oyongo of all,Oyongo who had a nightmare in the first half was the one at the end of the 40 meter pass.He was cool as the other side of the pillow,bringing down the ball and finishing in style to put Cameroon back level 1-1.Cameroon had a scare in the dying moments when Yatabare headed in from offside.Linesman had his flag up.What a game by what I consider the best sides in this group after day one

This is the game I have been waiting to see the lions play.They were against a better midfield.Our holding midfielders could not connect with the men ahead of them.Moting was lost in first half.Salli struggled by himself.Aboubakar was stranded up front and had little or no service.This is the type of game Song should have made things better for our lions.Look at Keita and you will see how he helped his side.There were many instances when Loe had the ball but could not bring it out.He is not just that type of player neither is Kom.Song is that player that can hold and create from deep.He would have been great coming from the bench.Good point for the lions

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