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War never rings a bell, But Bells come ringing with the smell of the gun powder. Bells never stop ringing with the smell of gun power. Je suis l’armee Camerounaise A nation is at war Whispers from within Whispers loaded with emotions Whispers filled with anger and grief Not only from men taking the bullets For je suis l’armee Camerounaise

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UCL:Monaco shock Arsenal 3-1

Arsenal got the draw most thought was perfect. Monaco was missing 5 starters and Arsenal was playing at home. 3 factors in their favor. 3 factors on paper. This is the UCL, games are not won on paper. Arsenal started the game with possession as expected but with no real play on the wings. wingers failed to spread the field

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Women and Story Telling

Women and Story telling Who your daddy? Whispers of love Who your daddy? Room full of emotions¬† Who your daddy? Picasso at work Stories so beautiful Structured,well painted From the mind of an artist Who your daddy? The mind game is on Daddy oh daddy In a soft and solemn voice It’s music to her ears Who your daddy? She

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UCL:ManCity 1-2 Barca

What a great first half by Barca. Pellegrini as i might say came out with the wrong formation. The two man striker was not working at the beginning of the game. Barca was very comfortable knocking the ball around, making City work hard off the ball. Fernando was exposed and had no real help in that holding midfield Iniesta touches

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