Community:My Roots

Serving our communities and enjoying ourselves is a way of life.My love with the game of football dates long before i was born.Back in Yaounde my mom while pregnant watched first division games and the national team.She still enjoys her football and a strong ManU fan

Needless to say i played as a teenager and all through my years.Playing the game is having a feel for it.As a fan i can now sit back and appreciate those who play as professionals.The talent and vision of these players.Their physical approach of the game and all the fame and money that comes with it.Saint Joseph’s College Sasse is the highest level of competition i knew as a young boy.We played against each other and also different colleges.It was fierce competition and bragging rights was all we had.That was enough and we enjoyed every bit of it.That helped build our characters as we today use football to keep fit and as a social gathering

In my community today we do the same things we did in college.CAMDAL is the Cameroonian football team in DFW (Dallas,TX)It’s more than a football team.It is community at it’s best with some good leadership from guys i grew up with like Chesoh Nchotu.His leadership and coaching has brought  2 CAMSA and many local trophies(Cameroon Student Association USA).The brotherly hood and way of life among members of the team is so positive.It is a family away from home.Football for us is a way of life and stops short of being a religion.IMG_1859Camdal

Camdal will be looking forward to the Camsa convention in DC this August as they play to retain their tittle.Well organized teams like OPOPO will be in contention as well.Adamu Martin and his boys are getting ready for their annual party this Valentine day in the DMV area.Check out those guys if you are in the area

We look forward to great initiatives from new CAMSA leader Stanley Nzoukwele of Oklahoma.See you in the DMV for Camsa 2015

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