Yaya Toure

4 time African player of the year,Yaya has his critics.These critics to your greatest surprise are the very ones he serves.Fans back in Ivory Coast divided between Drogba and Yaya.Fans that for one or another reason have found a way to dishonor these great servers of the nation and Africa at whole

Yaya is one fine player.With Drogba they formed the most talented team CIV has ever had.They have come closed to winning the nations cup but have been left licking their wounds surprisingly.There is no denying that they have been among the best teams in Africa for the past decade.

Critics say Yaya is not the same player in club as in national team.Not even close i will say.His performances have been mediocre but is he the only one?No most players see a drop in form in national team.It is simply because there are more talented players in the clubs and more chemistry.But yet Yaya has the talent and power to dominate others even in Africa.the difference i have seen so far is that,African players pay no respect to the name behind the jersey.The refs let them play in most cases.They don’t protect stars like the way it’s done in Europe and at the WC.It’s a dog fight

Can Yaya make it through the Dog fight and prove his critics wrong?CIV will get stiff competition from Ghana.Yes Ghana has also been very disappointing and they are as hungry.Can Avram Gram be the one for Ghana?CIV will have to beat DR Congo a team that gave her trouble in qualifiers while Ghana will be against host nation EQG

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