My House

How can you hate me,
when you don’t know me?
How can you talk ill of me,
When you can’t relate to me?

Give me a break if you don’t know me,
Come closer if you really want to know me.
Knowing me is not rocket science,
But still you need to come closer to get to know me.

Do not get too comfortable with life,
Get out of your comfort zone.
Let your imagination go wild,
while exploiting different aspects of life.

Bald but not naturally,
Black naturally,
With small beautiful eyes.
That sounds beautiful right?
You and only you must make that judgement.

Its easy to judge than to be judged
But never mind i do not do either
Till you prove me wrong

Step into my world
Lets have fun
Beauty ain’t nothing without substance

I never put tags on people
I put tags on animals
So choose which one you wanna be
Then we shall go from there.
But remember this is my house so
I call the shots


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