EPL:Crystal Palace 1-2 Arsenal

Tough game ahead of their UCL tie.Crystal Palace has been playing good under new manager.They came out taking the game to Arsenal.

Arsenal caught an early break in the 8th minute when Welbeck was brought down just at the entrance of the box.That could have been a free kick but the ball was rolling Arsenal’s way.Santi did not miss from the spot.Chrystal Palace did not let down their style and play.They kept the pressure with some good runs off the ball.They made Arsenal defend and work hard.Arsenal of the first half of the season would have almost drawn this game.They are a different squad now.They can defend with Coquelin in that defensive role.Their wing backs are playing better and they are scoring goals.

Welbeck again.The steal from ManU was at it again.His run behind the defense could have been called offside.The ball was rolling for Arsenal and he pulled a safe from the keeper. Giroud was in the right place to clean up the mess.It was the score they needed going into the half

Palace came back to the second half with more pressure and were really unlucky not to score on many occasions.Credit top Arsenal as Ozil was out there doing defensive work.He has been criticized in the past but today the whole team was at work.Palace finally got their break in extra time but it was too late.They hit the left post after a contested header.Ospina light touch on the ball was crucial.Arsenal moves 3rd after ManU lost at home.Credit to Wenger and his men.It was not pretty but efficient


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