What a waste!!!From Milla to Eto’o

When Roget Milla exploded in 1990 Cameroon was not ready for him. It happened so fast, took him by surprise and he settled for a post that had little to do with football. Ever since Milla has struggled to make his voice heard. He is between the nail and the anvil. Has not been taken serious for the most part

Decades after another star was born and Cameroon was still not ready for him. 17 years of service in club and Country. 17 years as a flag bearer but yet those in charge find a way to taint the image of their very own. Let me give you some examples in the world of football. Maradona of Napoli. He carried a team on his back, put Argentina on the map. A country i knew only for the Falkland wars. He had his own controversy with drugs and bringing the game to disgrace. Argentina stood by him and even made him coach. Suarez the bite and blow king as i call him. Brought the world cup to a stand still with his biting. Uruguay stood by him and let everyone know their intentions. We can say the same for the great Zidane and many more players

There comes a time when a nation has to protect their interest. There comes a time when those who are professionals have to lead the way because only them know their line of work best. In Cameroon these principles don’t work because Fecafoot and those involved in football have no plans for the future. This is the time for those who have never had a say in decision making to take the lead. Yes let FIFA band Cameroon. That will help us concentrate on building from grass root. That will take away the distraction of National team and money we don’t deserve

Our Legends are not on the screens anymore. They are struggling like others and making their marks in coaching academies. They are qualified like others but don’t have opportunity to show case. Theory is awareness but will never take the place of practice. We have the awareness but don’t have the stage for our coaches to practice. No matter the good intentions of our leaders, no matter how hard they work, one thing is obvious. Failure is part of their identity

Our greatest enemy are not only the leaders of our football but also those who report the news. They are corrupt and help twist stories for our leaders. They are quick to put on negative news fighting those who bring us glory week in week out. Yesterday Bell and Eto’o were the problems of our football because they were out spoken. Not long ago it was Song, Nyom etc because Owona did not like them. In #AFCON2015 i heard rumors about a certain Mbia because his brother made the team. How long shall we agree to be manipulated by corrupt minds?


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