War never rings a bell,
But Bells come ringing with the smell of the gun powder.
Bells never stop ringing with the smell of gun power.
Je suis l’armee Camerounaise

A nation is at war
Whispers from within
Whispers loaded with emotions
Whispers filled with anger and grief
Not only from men taking the bullets
For je suis l’armee Camerounaise

Ironically, Boko haram
No to western education
Brings attention to an abandoned people
Brings attention to, je suis kolofata
Je Suis l’armee Camerounaise

War never rings a bell
An army once for oppression
Once a symbol of intimidation
Now fights not to be intimidated
Je suis l’armee Camerounaise

Africa oh Africa
Founder of I am my brothers keeper
But divided in greed, Goodluck ignored
Oh no!
Don’t cry for me Cameroon
Don’t shed tears, for I died so many times
In poverty but not in vain
But now I die for my motherland
Never to be the same again
Never to be manipulated again
For my blood will not be in vain


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