Eto’o the Elephant in the room

No one can deny the talent,the career and the success. No one can deny the joy he brought as a player,as an actor and as a true ambassador of the game. Eto’o turn heads everywhere he goes

I remember when he moved from Mallorca to Barcelona,it was the choice of Juan Laporta. He imposed Eto’o on Rijkaard. It was big news and many tuned in to see him sign for Barcelona. That stardom has followed him through his career because of his performance on the field.

That has brought lots of envy. Yes envy in the football world and it’s not always a bad thing. Many feed off it to get to greater heights. Eto’o latest move from Everton to Sampdoria also met some critics. He turned down more money to get a modest salary and more playing time. The Palermo president did not find that funny. He jumped on the opportunity to criticize the move. He called it a publicity stunned, he labelled Eto’o a “Has been”.Ferrero told Corriere dello sport that ,’I would never have signed Eto’o, as he is a has-been at the end of his career. His arrival is fitting with Ferrero’s day job, as it’s all about cinema and publicity.’Fortunately Eto’o isn’t playing today, as he might’ve read those phrases and scored two goals against us!

These words and many more rumors that surrounded the move are being answered the best way Eto’o knows. In recent games he has 2 assist, a goal and great contribution in Sampdoria’s wins. Eto’o is making front page at age 34 and praises flying from left to right

Eto’o was recently presented European award on tolerance. Fight against racism. An example of a true hero. A humanitarian who today shared pictures of a pediatric ward he is building for the youth in his home town.eto

These are efforts many other African players like Drogba,Yaya just to name a few do in their various countries. These are great things we African’s have not been use to in the past. Our system has failed the vast majority and we do appreciate people like this.I will keep singing their praises as we all benefit from their hard work and sweat.


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