Monaco 0-2 Arsenal

Great game by Arsenal as they go out on away goal average. This is the UCL where mistakes are punished. Team discipline on the field was a great problem in London. The manager did not manage his team well. This is all on Wenger because he fails to instill that in his players. You have to manage games better in the UCL

That last goal in London was the goal that sent Arsenal parking. Koscielny was high busy looking for an equalizer when Ox lost the ball. What was he doing that high? That exposed a slow Metersacker, that was the goal that sent Arsenal parking. Arsenal had to score 3 goals today to stay in the UCL

They came out asking question on a well organized and coached Monaco team. Monaco never gave up on their game plan. Played tight at the back and defended very well. Their keeper was also on great alert and made some good saves. Unlike the first game Giroud was very active. His goal showed resilience and great awareness of where the ball was. He turned around in time and quietly finished to make it 1-0.

It was important for Arsenal to score early in the second half to put some pressure on Monaco. Monaco came out with the same game plan and also made use of some good possession that kept Arsenal at bay. Monaco has some very good ball handlers and they made things difficult when on the ball. Arsenal toiled hard to get the ball and were on the ropes. Wenger had to make a change and he did great. Pulling out an exhausted Coquelin in favor of Ramsey was a good move. That helped turn the game into Arsenals favor.

Ramsey scored in the 79th minute after Walcott’s ball crashed on the goal. Good second goal for Arsenal but little too late for a well organized team. Under estimating Monaco in the first game was a big error i can only put on Wenger. He failed awfully to get his team ready mentally for such a well organized team. The way Monaco controlled the game after the second goal was just amazing. There was never moment of panic and they had their own share of possession. Second time in a week an English team has been eliminated by a French team. Tomorrow might see a hat trick of English teams all bounced out of the UCL. Sad for English football. They are losing grounds despite all that money spent on players


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