Oh Cameroon

Where there is no law, there is chaos. Pointing of fingers at FIFA makes no sense. Other successful federations deal with the same organization. Truth be told the problems of fecafoot is not unknown to Cameroonians. There is no shame, no accountability from leaders and worst of all, these leaders don’t really know how to manage football.

Management is not a Cameroonian thing when it comes to the present leaders. Recently we have seen kids from the youth teams sleep at the airport because of no visas. We have seen another abandoned in Zimbabwe because of no return ticket. These are not isolated cases. It is across the board and a bad cancer in our football that is killing it. FIFA will never resolve our problems for us. They are a business and are bent on making their money. We are not even an important market to them. They use us for votes and dirty work. So it does not matter to them if the current guys are good to our game or not.

All the present leaders see is money. They are not worried to improve on their leadership or resign due to failure. The lions are in Asia on international duty. The organization is so poor. We did not even have enough players to start our first game. Yet the federation tries to sweep everything under the carpet. 6 more months for them to fix whatever they could not fix in more than 2 years. How can they? Owona and his men are amateurs and know nothing about managing football. It’s a reflection of every failed sector of our society. The wrong people are put into post they know nothing about.

At this point only a band can help our game. After the recent failures and previous ones, no drastic measures have been taken. No experts have been consulted to get the game out of a crises. Truth is that everyone is corrupt and they cannot let go the free money. The game has been taken hostage and fans keep loosing interest


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