Fecafoot is not only corrupt!!

FIFA is there to make money. They will always protect their interest and try to keep those who help them. We can complain and point fingers at FIFA all we want but must not forget that other federations are successful with the same FIFA at helm. The reason i say this is because i want to point out these factors.

Fecafoot has a very corrupt structure with no accountability. No one has been ever convicted or jailed because of mismanaged football funds. This attitude makes our structures very weak and priorities are misplaced. When you take a look at recent scandals you come to realize how useless our leaders are. Player sleeping at the airport, a player was abandoned in Zimbabwe for lack of an air ticket and the national team not able to make it to Asia in their complete numbers.

Fecafoot is not only corrupt but also incapable of leading our various teams. They are not qualified to organize our national teams at any level. Players arriving tired at events will never give their full capacity. These are facts that are proven to count against teams. There are stick rules and regulations to be followed that our leaders have totally ignored. They are chasing money and neglecting adverse effects of their actions.

After AFCON2015 certain things were clear. Our squad was inexperience and needed some attention. Our squad does not keep the ball when under high pressing. We need to address that. Now what has been done to get that problem resolved? I have not seen a creative midfielder or Song coming back to the team. Finke has had two chances in big tournaments and has come out flat. I have not heard that issue address in an appropriate way.

Will he get the free hands to call players like Song who have the experience and ability to keep the ball under pressure? If not Song then who are they looking at that will address that big problem? Organization and tactics are very important in the modern game. Teams exploited our weakness and we had no bite. I can assure you that two thirds of these players are good. They can actually make a team with the right leadership and discipline. We are far from that and there is actually no time for more negative results. We need to get back to positive things happening around the team

I hear rumors about two more year for Finke. Sincerely it is not the worst that can happen because he can always be sacked. My fear is with 6 more months of blindness from Owona. 6 more months amateurish leadership. 6 more months that can make the squad loss all the confidence it gathered before #AFCON2015

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