Football Culture

There is a footballing culture that many do not seem to be aware of. Clubs as well as countries try hard to hold on to their football cultures. This is so true for the successful ones.

Many organizations with good football managers make sure the coaches and managers they hire understand their philosophy. This becomes very important for the identity of club or country. Brazil is a good example to help explain football culture. Their style and early success in the game gave them lots of allowance. They were not only winners but had a culture to entertain their fans. Samba boys were about winning in style. Italy and Germany a total different style of European football. They are all about discipline and not giving up many goals.

These different cultures of the game have been sustained by their leagues. Winning with these styles and how the countries have adopted to tactical changes of the game. Brazil had to make her game more direct at one point. They came to realize how wasteful their style had become after so many years. Their adjustments saw success in 94 and 2002 WC. Same for Germany. Adjusted to the quality they had in the set of players from Bayern and Dortmund. Emphasized on their discipline and much improved tactics to win last year’s World Cup

The lack of a consistent football culture in Africa football giants like Cameroon, Nigeria,Egypt, Ghana and Ivory Coast has made it difficult for these countries in WC. Cameroon to be more specific has lost its football culture. The local league has been non-existent. Players are scattered all over Europe. They have lost that toughness that Cameroonian squads use to have. The team that was built on defense is no longer defense oriented. Coaches are hired with no real directives. This has led to failure as the Lions have lost their bite and are yet to win a WC game since 2002 WC. Africa as a whole will need to learn on how to manage their leagues better to keep alive their various football cultures. Getting players from all over the world will never build a team tough enough to win the World Cup

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