Thailand 2-3 Cameroon

The Lions just ended the controversial tour in Asia. The Lions had to come from behind after falling 2 down. Two victories out of 2 not bad,given the circumstances that they travelled under.

We saw some new faces in the squad. 3 local players with each and everyone getting an opportunity to play as well. We saw Yaya Banana play in defense with Chedjou. Assemble was the man in goal today ahead of the young Ondoa

The game itself had lots of first half mistakes from the Lions. The goal came as a result of poor defending from Yaya who was scared to foul. His tackle was very weak and gave the striker an advantage over him. Thailand went 1up from that mistake. The second goal was even worst. What a bone head mistake. Break down of communication from Nde and Chedjou. The keeper should be shouting at his defender to let the ball go. That should not be a goal given the experience these players have.

The lions picked up their game after going two down. Moukadjo made a great run to beat offside trap. He received the ball from Nkom and scored for Cameroon. Second half was better for the lions as they created lots of opportunities. Etoundi was tripped by the keeper in the box as Thailand conceded a PK. Njie made it 2-2 from the spot. Cameroon went on to score another goal from a free kick. Great run by Ndi in the far post. He finished the perfect ball well to put Cameroon ahead

There is a lot of work to be done. Cameroon is so wasteful and naive at times. The players lack experience and show little coordination against a very weak squad. Experience is very much needed in this team. I am surprised authorities are yet to get players like Song back in the squad. The squad is lacking when it comes to creativity and controlling games. As we witnessed in the nations cup, Cameroon was limited with the current selection of players. With Owona there for another 6 months, we are doom to continue with the same struggles. A team under reconstruction should be a fine mixture of young and experience players. Mbia was lacking without a player like Song by his side. Even with Enoh the Lions still lack an Alex Song. A player that can keep the ball under pressure and pick out players in good positions. Finke knows that and should be pushing his bosses to deliver

I personally have no problem with the quality of teams we played. What I have problem is the travel arrangements. Players traveling with no real organization. Arriving late because of improper flight plans. Milla was fast to criticize and went over the board disrespecting the host. Cameroon rarely organize games and has no control to where they play. So we are like beggars and authorities do not think about players best interest. From the play of our players, you can tell poor organization is affecting the players. Truth be told Asia just too far in such short windows

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