Pellegrini sticks to loosing formation, 4-4-2

So many things going on with the under performant City team. The loss to Crystal Palace puts more pressure on Pellegrini than on City players. He has failed to motivate a squad that has so many weapons.

Last year the 4-4-2 formation worked so well when City was chasing down Liverpool. The formation was so successful because players like Yaya were in excellent form and City dominated the midfield. Dzeko was on fire and scored so many important goals. It is the opposite today and in previous games. City not able to keep the ball and is getting hit on counter attack with midfielders pushed high. The defense is exposed and not playing good under pressure. Worst of all the players Pellegrini have signed have little or no effect on team

Crystal Palace was lucky today after scoring from an offside position. They took advantage of a wasteful City that had possession but could not score. Aguero shot on left goal was one of few real times City could have scored with so many chances created. The frustration was evident when the referee blew for halftime. Second half was no different as City stuck to their game plan in search for an equalizer.

It was Crystal Palace that increased their lead from a free kick. Great free kick to make it 2-0 in second half. The timing was perfect to put doubts in the minds of the City players. Deja vu it is as Pellegrini pulled out Dzeko to bring in Lampard and get more men in midfield. The two striker formation has been a waste of time this season. City has been out played in midfield. Aguero is on a draught. No relief from bench or from Dzeko in the two striker formation. Surprisingly Pellegrini has been stubborn enough to stick with the formation.

Pellegrini is skating on thin ice given the current City form. Yes they had lots of possession but very weak at the back and wasteful up front. City has not been dominant in the league under him. Last season they had to come from behind and benefit from mistakes by Liverpool. I am not taking anything away from their win but it was not convincing. He has made some progress with Europe but City has still been disappointing. Rumors of Simeone will not stop especially if he becomes available in the market. With current form of Manchester United and Arsenal, City will need to dig deep to get an automatic place for UCL. The big derby against Manchester will be a tough one. Stage is set for the Manchester derby


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