Mourinho has been the most consistent coach thus far in the EPL. His team started strong and was unbeaten until December 6th when they played Newcastle. They were really dominant in the first half of the season and won games that they were suppose to win. This has been Chelsea for the most part. Mourinho has maintained a hold on about 14 players with not so much rotation. This has benefited his squad as they sit 7 points above second Arsenal with a game in hand. Chelsea has some tough schedules coming up against Arsenal,Liverpool and Manchester. But i expect them to manage the games as they have done all season long. Mourinho will be the defensive coach he has been in second half of the season when leading. Mourinho will not take too many chances and will play to the strength of his team. With that said i expect Chelsea to win it all. I do not see them loosing the lead with 8 games remaining. They have only the EPL tittle to worry about.

Things get really interesting with the second,third and fourth positions. The UCL spots as well as relegation battle will be talk of the remaining season. 7 games to go for Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City. Arsenal will be hoping for both teams to draw this Sunday. If they do, Arsenal can extend her lead with a win against Burnley. Arsenal had a 3-0 win at the Emirates in away game. This Saturday will not be an easy one as Burnley fights for survival. They gave Spurs a tough game last week and will be looking to do the same against Arsenal. Arsenal is in top form and has many weapons as oppose to Spurs who count a lot on kane. So i will expect Arsenal to do better in this game. Remaining teams Arsenal faces in EPL as follows, Chelsea,Hull,Swansea,ManU,Sunderland and Wes Brom. 3 away games and 4 home games. Arsenal has been so good at home. Tough away game at Manchester and home at Chelsea. Teams like Sunderland under new management and fighting to stay in top flight are also dangerous.

Manchester City has found themselves in a tough situation. They have been very inconsistent in 2015 and now find themselves in 4th position. They have been very wasteful. We could see that against Crystal Palace. The game against City rivals this weekend is a tough one for both teams. City has the toughest of schedules among the top 4 teams. They play ManU, West Ham, Aston Villa, Spurs, QPR, Swansea, Southampton. They have to stop being wasteful. The goals need to start flowing if Pellegrini needs to keep his job. Personally i think the 4-4-2 does not give them the right balance in the midfield. They are a team that feed on possession. Without a good control in the midfield and protection at the back, City has been vulnerable. Top two is no longer guaranteed for this team

Manchester United is determined to finish hard and convincingly. LVG once the most under pressured coach has silenced his critics in recent games. Mata once an outcast, is one of the players Van Gaal is now counting on. Rooney plays as lone striker in his recent system. ManU faces City, Chelsea, Everton, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and Hull. 3 home games and 4 away games. This is not an easy schedule for United as they play all 3 teams in the top 4. Their only home game, the one against Arsenal


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