Barca drops two points away at Sevilla

Brilliant start from the Barcelona men. They started strong, keeping Sevilla in their own half. The passes were fast causing miss matches in the wings. Neymar was in good form, running through players and combining well with Messi.

It took just 14 minutes for Messi to show his brilliance. He used the defender as a shield. His strike was perfect, curling into the second goal. That put Barca in good shape as they kept pressing. Barcelona stroke again when Neymar curled his free kick into the top angle of the goal. Great finish from the Brazilian who has been on a long  goal draught.

It was not only a one man traffic although Sevilla had only two shots on goal. Big mistake by Bravo kept the game alive for Sevilla minutes before halftime. Iniesta backed off defending instead of closing down on the ball carrier. Banega strike just outside the box. Too hot for Bravo who had two fist on the ball. That goal was the game changer for Sevilla and it came at the right moment.

Sevilla came back from halftime with more determination. They had Barcelona on the ropes and worked hard as a team. Enrique pulled out Neymar who had been one of the best players on the field. Wrong move because that did not help with possession. He had brought in Xavi as another midfielder and shifted Iniesta to the left. Sevilla got their break when Pique tried to thread the ball in a tight space. Reyes collected the ball and went through the midfield like hot knife through bread. Barcelona was stretched at the back despite more men in the midfield. Vidal was at the far end and made a great run. Reyes found him and he later played a low cross onto Gameiro who had an easy tap in.

Barcelona drops two important points and makes the tittle race more interesting. Real won earlier so are now 2 points behind Barcelona. Real Face Malaga next game while Barcelona will be playing Valencia. Disappointing draw for la Liga leaders, 2-2


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