Manchester United turns things around

Seventh last season, missing out of UCL football. Manchester United had hit rock bottom. Moyes got the sack and Rooney got the captain arm band. Van Gaal came in to much criticism. Spent a lot of money and was criticized win or lose.

That started changing with the win over Tottenham. The fans and press were right to have criticized Van Gaal tactics. 3 man defense even when it seem not to work. They were right to an extend, when they questioned players that were under performing. What was awkward was critics from former players like Scholes. Not giving Van Gaal the support needed was wrong from people who know better. It was always going to take time before players buy into his style and understand his tactics.

Young showed lots of positive form before the Tottenham game. He was spreading the field well and creating chances on that left hand of the field. Carrick in that holding had stabilized things and Blind was moved over to the left back position. Van Gaal’s puzzles started to fit in the right places. Then came the opportunity Mata has been waiting for. I still cannot understand why he has had so little of an opportunity before the Spurs game. Guess big names and big money players like Di Maria the reason why.

Mata came into the Spurs game and delivered a man of the match performance. Rooney was moved up as lone striker. He is loving it and playing lights out. Van Gaal has figured out his team an now know’s his players. Di Maria is coming off the bench ever since. Falcao was a mistake and i see him walking out of the team in the summer. How will Van Gaal use RVP when he gets back? No doubt the team needs it’s depth as they will play more games next season. That means a lot and will test his toughness. Players are feeling the love and that was shown today as they dismantled City.

Van Gaal has all the pieces as he turns Manchester United around. He has put the team in a position where they can challenge for the tittle next season. There will be some offloading done over the summer to set Manchester united for the double challenge in UCL and EPL.



  • You have to agree with me Mata was always playing until he lost those three chances in the southampton game. It was unfortunate but that was his last full game, okay the trip to QPR.
    He was always playing before then.
    And now once he had the opportunity handed to him, he took it.


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