Fake friends

They Smile in your face but nothing good to say
They Smile in your face with negativity all over them
It’s the world we live in, The people we hang with
Cowards never ready to face you up front

Fake friends always close to you
Posing, wasting energy on fake smiles
No courage to voice their thoughts
But fool no one, you are as transparent as a gecko
Yet I choose not to keep my cool
For I ain’t no fool too keep you loose

Fake friends manifest thoughts in the dark
But why talk in the dark?
For after every dark night comes light
Shinning on your evil deeds
Gossips with no good intentions

Fake friends are nothing new
They spill the bean over and over
So it takes no genius to no that
But God knows you wasting your time
For I got nothing but love for you
For I got no energy for hate

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