Hazard has been amazing in the second half of the season when others like Cesc and Costa struggled. He has led Chelsea in close games single handed. 13 goals, 8 assist in 32 games looks modest but his impact in games have been huge. Stats don’t usually tell the whole part of the story but orientate’s us to understand the game better. Hazard is a front runner for the award. Chelsea will have something to do with him winning the award because they look strong to win it all. Winning the league will boost his chances for winning the award. Truth be told he was not as influential in the first half of the season as in the second half

Kane’s stats look better on paper 29 games played, 20 goals with 3 assist. Kane was not first choice, neither was him second choice when the league started. He was third string striker for Spurs. He has been lights out if i need to describe his game and influence on his team. As a striker his influence on the style of play is not as big as Hazard’s or Coutinho for Liverpool. He is also a new kid on the block with many not prepared for him. These factors might be what hinders him to be player of the year. Great finisher and at 21 still has lots of maturing to do.

Coutinho is a jewel to watch. He has been nominated for the award and represents that set of true play makers. We use to call them number 10’s. He is also showing up in the second half of the season as most other contenders. His stats are modest and assist rate disappointing for a talent like him. 29 games played, 4 goals with 4 assist. His team Liverpool definitely did not help him in the first half of the season when they struggled. Although this award is an individual award, we all know how important team play is for the eventual winners of this award.

Other nominated players are Diego Costa, Sanchez and De Gea. It is surprising not to name Aguero in this list given the way he has carried City this year with his goals. No other striker has been better than him. What we have seen from Aguero is consistency for 3 plus years. Guess not everybody makes the cut


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