Stalemate at Emirates between Arsenal and Chelsea

What does it sound like when Real plays a scoreless draw in Spain, against Barca or lets say Atletico? What about Germany, when Bayern pulls off a draw against Dortmund? Virgin draws in games of this magnitude are always boring when not many opportunities are created.

Chelsea had the best of opportunities in the first half. Oscar was played through with a long ball coming from the back. Koschielsny was way short as the Arsenal back four was caught napping. Oscar managed to get the ball pass the keeper but collided with the keeper. The ball was cleared off the goal line by Bellerin who had played Oscar in. Bad call from the referee as that was a penalty. There was another call for a penalty moments later when Fabregas took a dive after a slight challenge from Cazorla. I think the referee got it right this time because Cesc went down too easy. Yes there was contact but it was minimal and not enough to bring down the player. Ramirez had a great chance in the box when Willian threaded a through pass to him. His effort was really weak and Ospina had no problems

Arsenal also enjoyed some possession in the first half. They looked threatening but Chelsea was well organized closing them down and taking away their chances. Arsenal also had calls for a penalty waived away when Cahill touched the ball with the hand. The referee waved that call away as well. Arsenal failed to use the wings in this game as well as they could have. Ramsey was deployed on the right but he stayed inside most of the time helping in defensive duties. Ozil was limited to runs in the midfield and found it difficult to thread passes in the final third. Sanchez did lots of running but did not combine well with Giroud as well

Disappointing second half for both teams. Very few opportunities created and the keepers were really silent. Arsenal looked like they were going to take a risk when they pulled out Coquelin for Welbeck. The change had little or no effect. It was business as usual in the second half of the game. Wenger looked to be more content with a draw. He looked to gain a point on Manchester United who lost big to Everton. With a win in midweek Chelsea can become champions for the 5th time in their history


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