My Cameroon Starting 11 Of all times

Thomas Nkono

He is not the most decorated of Cameroonian goal keepers but no doubt the best in the history of our game. His talent was on display during the 82 and 1990 world cups. Never won the African nations cup as a keeper but was no doubt among the best the continent has ever known. Alway in tough competition between him and Joseph Antoine Bell. The best two keepers Cameroon has ever known

Kunde Emannuel

What a player he was. Very comfortable playing in the center of the defense. He read the game at a very high level and was alway at the right place to make challenges. He was also a good penalty kicker and took free kicks as well. The defense was at peace with Kunde playing.

Ringobert Song

Made his debut for the Lions at age 17. Young energetic defender never shying away from duels. Had a very big heart and was a great leader on the field. One of those players who was his heart on his sleeves. He was part of the defense that played 2002 nations cup without considering a goal in 90 minutes of play. Part of the invincibles

Geremi Njitap

What a fine player he was. Dead ball specialist and one of the best crossers of the ball we have ever had. He was also part of the team that won back to back nations cup in 2000 and 2002. He was also a great leader, always leading by example. Matter of fact i have always thought that the 2000/2002 generation was the best squad we ever had


Strong left back with a powerful shot. He played as holding midfield at times but found his right spot at the left back position. He was very good on the ball and will also help going forward. Tough nose mentality and scored the winning penalty in the 2000 olympics.


He will always be in our minds. Can’t talk about Foe without talking about the confederation cup in Lyon. The field he left us after fainting in the game against Columbia. He was a big strong player. Used his height and frame really well to dominate the midfield. He was a slow player so fitted just fine with the type of game Cameroon played. RIP Marco


Ain’t no team without the work horse. His work rate was one of the best. Never scored except in 1988 against Morocco. He was a special type of player who liked to do all the dirty work . Every successful team needs someone with this type of mentality


Dr Abega as we call him was a genius on the ball. I remember before the 1990 WC, Maradona said that was the only player he knew apart from Nkono. Abel was good and his game had so much fluidity. He could caress the ball like the best midfielders in modern football. His signature game was Cameroon vs Nigeria in Abidjan. Abel and Milla combinations were lethal


One of the greatest scorers of all times. Second only behind the great Eto’o. I will play him just behind my two strikers. Mboma was a big game type of player and very technical as well. He could change a game at anytime. His long range goals were also a constant threat to opponents. He did not play for that long with Lions but is currently second highest goal scorer


Roger Albert Milla the greatest Lion ever graced the field of play for Cameroon. He was so intelligent and was a player for big occasions. Miller made his name in the 1990 WC. 15 minutes sub for the most part and scored 4 goals in that WC. What a player and what an idol we have


Another goal getter. Highest goal scorer in Nations cup history and 4 time African player of the year. Made his debut for the Lions in 1998 in France. Went on to win Olympic gold and two nations cup with the Lions. Best striker Cameroon has ever had. A joy to watch as he combined well with Mboma over the years..

My best team for the Lions i believe is the 2000/2002 team. This team won Olympic gold and two nations cup. The team went into the world cup in Japan/South Korea as one of the favorites. Poor management and bad traveling plans led to their demise. The Lions have never recovered from that generation also we came close in Ghana 2008. Cannot finish without recognizing the 1982 and 90 generation as well.1990 was the last generation made of players from the local league. There was lots of chemistry as these guys played for decades together in Canon and Tonnerre.


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