De Gea

Hard to argue with this choice. De Gea has a weak defense but has been tough infant of strikers. He has made many saves in close games. His play has kept ManU in many games and he is one of the reasons they actually sit 4th now

Terry has been great this season. He plays for a manager who has total confidence in him and he also understands the system. Be it with Zouma or Cahill he has been strong.

Cahill is not my choice. Yes he made the team but i think a player like Koscielny was better. When i look at Chelsea they play tight at the back with emphasis on defense. That makes it better for defenders to defend. Arsenal plays high and open spaces at back. With that said i think Koscielny was way better. Zouma at one point needed to fill in for Cahill

Bertrand was the choice for left back. I have Azpilicueta. Both players were good but i see why the choice pf Bertrand was chosen. Apart from being a natural at that position he brings more to the offense

I had Clyne at right back in place of Ivanovic. To be sincere both players are great but i think Ivanovic has more experience and scored some important goals as well

Matic and Cazorla were my choice at holding with Cazorla given the liberty to move up. He has been great for Arsenal and the best in the league at linking the defensive part of game with offense. Magic has been the best spoiler and also carries the ball well

Coutinho is not a choice most can argue against. He is a true play maker and has been electrifying. Also carries a goal threat

Hazard was made PFA player of the year and you cannot argue against that. He has influenced games a lot. He is the most fouled player because of the attention and double marking he gets. 13 goals 8 assist looks modest but we all know what influence he has in games

Sanchez has been the man for Arsenal. He has been the signing of the season. He has been the second most influential player after Hazard. What a signing for Wenger and he makes the cut

Kane for me has been the best striker in the EPL. Third string striker for Spurs as the season started. Came in and has never looked back. I will play him as lone striker in my starting 11. I will pick him over Costa because he has scored more goals, he has a better discipline record and plays for a weaker team. Costa was great at the start of the season and looked to run away with award of top goal scorer. Injuries and suspension have affected him as well.



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