What Arsenal needs to challenge for EPL next season

Arsenal has been impressive in 2015. 8 game winning streak before the draw against Chelsea. After watching that game i will honestly say Arsenal was second best, especially in the second half. There was no sting from the Arsenal team. They settled for a draw and lacked creativity in front of a well organized Chelsea team.

Ospina has been consistent and a better choice at keeper. He has not made silly mistakes that cost Arsenal so dearly in previous seasons. With that said i still think that Arsenal can go for another good if not better keeper. Casillas might be leaving Real. That will be experience and a good challenge for Ospina. Cech might also be leaving Chelsea. Not sure if he will go to Arsenal but he is still a top keeper that can help Arsenal.

The center of Arsenal’s defense is still a big problem if you ask me. Gabriel is still in the learning face at Arsenal. He has the speed needed but not yet the one to solve Arsenal’s problems. Take for example the long ball behind the Arsenal defense that saw Oscar collide with Ospina. That has been a problem of speed. Koscielny was beaten and even worst Mertesacker was no where to bed found. They are a team that pushes up high and leave space at the back. They need a player like Varane. He is strong and fast. Young and fits the profile of players Wenger will like. The question is, will Real let him go?

Holding midfield has seen an improvement with Coquelin this season. Yes he has been a revelation but so far has played half a season. Arsenal needs another tough holding midfielder to help through the long season. Khedira and Scheiderlin are the names Arsenal should be looking at. These are players that will like to sit defend, help that back four. Song is another option and one who has played in the system before. Will Wenger be willing to go back to an ex player?

Last but not least, i think Arsenal needs another striker. Giroud has been good this season. When he was injured we saw how predictable Arsenal was with Sanchez deployed to play in the center. Sanchez has been better coming from the wings as he spreads the field well in games. Playing him central restricts his movement and takes away his ability to run at the defense from deep. Giroud has also been wasteful at times, needing many chances to convert. So another central pitman will be of great help to the team

Cazorla has been great linking the defense with offense. He has been one of the strong players for the Gunners. Ozil looks settled and can only get better with his consistency. Winning FA CUP will be a great boost for Arsenal as well as finishing better than the 4th position. Arsenal could make some noise next season if they resolve some of these issues


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