Fecafoot killing local game for personal interest

The frustration continues for the game of football. After every failed campaign or tournament, officials create fake committees. We never heard out comes of investigations or decisions taken to better our game. 2002 was the last time the Lions won a major tournament. Coaches have come and left but nothing has changed. Fecafoot has been the constant and remain the constant.

Now it’s time for Finke to leave and the same failed leadership still leads at Fecafoot. Money is the whole reason behind. Experts will tell you that, the backbone of every national team is the local league. Fans are frustrated not being local coaches lead our national team. Same with local players not given a chance to play in the team.

That’s the resolution to the problems we face. It is a long route to our problem. The route those leaders run away from. It needs government investment and good policies that Cameroon lacks as a nation. It needs investing in the youth at all levels. With no such structures Fecafoot choice is the quick fix. Quick fixes that is failing us competition after competition.

Just weeks away from qualification of nations cup here we go again with hiring of new coaches. Old names like Trapattoni are being called. Coaches that are out dated. Yet again no Cameroonian seem to be top candidate. This is a total destruction of our game. No progress, no innovation, just same old tricks with so called administrators with no knowledge of the beautiful game

Owona guilty of interfering with coach’s choices. Nyom and Song are some of the players he expelled from the national team for personal reasons. He is not the first to do that. This type of behaviors hurt the team tactically. The modern game has no room for amateur administrators. Even in Africa where so many bad federations have succeeded in the past. With the new developments at Fecafoot and with FIFA, It is no secret that our game has been taken hostage. The future is bleak with our local game, local players and local coaches

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