Chelsea comfortably win their 4TH EPL tittle

Chelsea started the season strongly when every other team struggled. Mourinho’s second term at Chelsea is finally paying off. Last season Mourinho had a disappointing start and finish. He had all that corrected this time around.

Cesc, Costa and Matic were the players that really stood out in the first half of the season. Matic made the team click from a defensive stand point while providing Fabgregas the chance to link up with the attack. Fluid football was on the menu at the Bridge. Costa benefited from that and scored lots of goals.

Hazard was just getting warmed up after the long disappointing summer from a personal point of view. Teams were better prepared as season went on to close down on Matic and Cesc. Hazard picked up his game and created all type of problems for opposing teams. Most fouled player in the league. He helped the blues maintain their record of the best offense in the league. Chelsea had what many teams lacked this season. A relief system, a strong team of 14 players that were consistent. John Terry was a great leader on and off the field. Another great point in this tittle winning season is the choice at goal keeper. Cech is still a good goal keeper but the choice to play Courtois was a huge one and wise decision by Mourinho. Apart from De Gea, i think Courtois was one of the best keepers in the league

Mourinho is a defensive genius and he proved that in the second half of the season. After City faltered to maintain the pressure at the beginning of 2015, Mourinho was not going to take any chances. He even went as far as benching Cahill and played Zouma who did a fantastic job. That was the difference between Mourinho and rival coaches like Pellegrini and Wenger. Bringing in the youngster for the experienced Cahill was a challenge. Cahill had lost some pace and made costly mistakes. Zouma came in and rescued Chelsea in enough games to get Cahill back to his heels. That was brilliant from Mourinho. We saw how on the other hand Pellegrini was not able to do the same with his defense. They lost many points from bad defending.

Critics will say Mourinho won ugly. To be fair i will give him credit for the type of season he had in the first leg. That was a psychological blow to many teams who found it difficult to have a good start. Mourinho has never lost a tittle when he is ahead of the race. Chelsea was ahead going into 2015 and was well confident of what they had to do to win it all. Focus was defense and they had the speed to transition as quick as possible from defense into attack. Great win with 3 games to go. Can Chelsea repeat the success of 2014/15 next season?

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