Can Chelsea win two in a row?

There is no doubt, the EPL is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe. Most of the recent tittle winners have won with slim margins. This season has been different. With 3 games to go, Chelsea is EPL champions. They were dominant but we also saw the likes of City crumble when it mattered.

The Lesson teams like Arsenal, Manchester and City must learn is that, they must start the season strong. They cannot sleep on Mourinho and expect to make up the gap later in the season. History also show’s that when leading the league into the second half of the season, Mourinho is most likely to win. He manages games better when in the lead.

Winning the EPL back to back is not an easy task. Mourinho knows something about that as he led Chelsea into back to back titles in 2004 and 2005 seasons. Manchester United won 3 in a row after that. Ever since City came with big spending it has been a 3 way challenge.

Things might be changing in the upcoming season. The way Arsenal is playing is convincing and might open up things next season. Wenger has been the second best coach in the league hands down. His team has won some high profile matches and will be a tough team next year if taken lightly. They have some signings to do. They need some real depth in holding and at center defense. They are the second best team in the EPL as we speak but must not take things lightly in transfer market. They are so close and must act with urgency. Signing some experience and talented players will send a message to the other teams.

Chelsea was dominant this season but will need some serious signings to repeat next season. This team is not as good as the team Mourinho had when he won back to back titles. He will also look to improve in Europe next year. The anxiety to do better will mean he needs to get another impact striker. They will be the team to beat and team will be well prepared for them this season. How will Terry be used? He was vital this season but can he handle yet another demanding long season the way he did this season?

City will look to bounce back from disappointing season. Pellegrini must resolve the Yaya problem. They have been too Yaya dependent and cannot continue in such a way. There are other big name players that need to be gone. City does not really need a total make over of the team but need to get players who really want to die for the team. So many over paid players with no real hunger.

Manchester United will be in this discussion of tittle challengers next season. LVG is getting questions over and over in this long season. He has played bad and won, good and won and now bad and is loosing. This will definitely give him lots to think about in the quest to get his team ready for next season.

Winning the EPL next season will not come easy for Chelsea. Many teams will adapt to their play still and be more careful when they play them. Costa took the league by storm and will get more respect next year. One thing is for sure, the EPL will be much competitive next year than this year. Performance has been so disappointing this year. It was more like the Italian league and German league with Chelsea running away with it.

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