Barca vs Bayern UCL preview

Two identical styles. Barca has been playing “tiki taka” football for ages while Bayern is adopting the style through one of the greatest implementers of that style. Yes, Pep is the most successful of all coaches to win with that style of football. Tonight he plays the team that was so dominant under his leadership.

Many remember the recent humiliation of Barca in this very competition. Bayern went to win it all 2 years ago. The style ever since has been different and game today will be different. Back then Barca was so Messi dependent. They have moved away from that. We saw that in this year both in league and in UCL. Neymar and Suarez have picked up the slack when Messi has been restricted

Messi’s style has changed under the leadership of Enrique. He has the ability to fall deep and help create from deep. Pulls out the defense and isolates Neymar/Suarez one on one with defenders. This worked out so well with PSG. Suarez and Neymar were the stars in both games. Rakitic is also an unsung player. He has picked up some of the work that the aging Xavi could not do two seasons ago. Bosque has been tremendous with his tackles and turning them immediately into offense. Iniesta against PSG reminded us that no one should take him lightly. They are all clicking at the right moment. Defense is also playing good and not conceding many goals. Just 1 against PSG.

Bayern will be going to the Nou Camp as the last team that defeated Barca in the same competition. Bayern beat Barca 3-0 in May of 2013. They have won 3 of their 4 encounters with Barcelona. That is total dominance .This Bayern of today, showed us how resilient they could be. Many counted them out after the shock loss away at Porto. Pep did the job without his superstars. Robben, Schweinsteiger and Ribery all missing in their quarter final games. Schweinsteiger is the only one who will be available for game tonight while Pep will be missing his two superstars. Barca cannot afford to take the squad lightly from what we saw Bayern do against Porto. Players like Thiago, Goetze and Lahm were at their best.

Pep also has the advantage over Enrique. I think his tactics are better and has an edge with experience and haven coaches both teams. He is better placed to know the opponents. But will that be an advantage given the way a player like Messi is playing? He is unstoppable and is leading the deadliest attack in football. The 3 amigos  Messi, Neymar and Suarez are to be watched closely tonight

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