Carlos Tevez, the underated striker

No one has ever doubted the work ethic of this fierce striker. No one has ever doubted his scoring abilities but Tevez has always struggled for his fair share. Be it at international level or at club level. In EPL it was even worst as he was painted as an outcast

Went to West Ham in a controversial move, then ManU where Sir Alex never accepted him. Tevez later went to City where he came back to hurt ManU as City won EPL. Yet Tevez never settled nor did he receive his fair share. We all know how it ended with Mancini and the unauthorized vacation.

Tevez eloped to Juventus, Italy. He has terrorized defenders but has failed to do the same in Europe. Tevez has been criticized through his career for lack of big game moments. Hard work is never enough for big name strikers until they score and keep scoring in games that matter. Tevez had an opportunity yesterday against Real and he showed up big time.

His shot in the 9th minute was too hot to handle as Casillas spilled the ball. That led to a tap in for Juventus to go 1-0. At 1-1 it was Tevez again on the break through. He was fouled in the box and scored from the penalty spot to take a 2-1 advantage over Real Madrid.

Unlike ManU where acknowledgment was for the other stars, Tevez has an opportunity to make the finals. It will not be easy going to Madrid and qualifying for the finals. Tevez is one of the players that can make that happen given his recent performance yesterday. Juventus will need to be dangerous on the counter attack. They will need the elusiveness of Tevez. It’s about time Tevez gets his dues. Can Juventus ride on his back though?

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