Messi keeps magic late as Barca beats Bayern 3-0

Bayern lines up in a 4-1-4-1 formation against 4-3-3 for Barca the home team. Lewandowski is the lone striker and is in this one for his height. Muller plays off the big man and is very active with his runs

Quick start by Bayern going with the long ball on the left. Schweinsteiger looses the ball. That is a reminder of the type of game plan Bayern came with. They have to use the long ball when full backs leave spaces at the back.

Barca quickly gets control of the possession game. They are finding spaces in the midfield and right behind the Bayern back line. Suarez collects a deflected ball and is on a one on one situation with Nueur. Fakes to the right and places to the left. Great kick save by Neuer. Goal keeping proving to be a big part in this game. Bayern gets herself into the game around the 14 th minutes. Great run by Mueller as he takes away Pique with him leaving great room for Lewandowski to run into. Great cross onto the striker but not enough contact as Bayern misses opportunity to go ahead.

Messi gets himself involved as he runs through 3 players but his cross finds no one in the second goal. Barca’s high pressure was excellent forcing Bayern into fouls and mistakes. Unbelievable pass by Iniesta to find Alves who runs free. Neuer was there with yet another save Bayern played more long balls to get themselves space to operate with.

Second half was a different start from the men of Bayern. They kept possession and had early pressure on Barca who was making all the mistakes. Great start to keep the pressure away and excellent defending from Mascherano and Alves. Neymar was great with his foot work as he went through the Bayern defense but failed on numerous occasions to find the last pass. Never came out big as a sweeper. He was the assurance for the back line that pushed high to cover spaces.

Messi left his magic late as he was kept quiet until the 77th minute. Great work by Alves who won the ball high in traffic. He succeeded to find Messi and the rest was history. Messi opened himself and stroke low into the first goal. Neuer was late after haven moved just half a step to his right. Minutes later Messi was at it again. He received the ball from Raketic and turned Boating inside out leaving him dead. Never was quick to come for challenge but Messi finished with a great lop. What a goal by the little magician as he used his right foot. Bayern goes on a chase for an away goal and are punished by the brilliance of Neymar. Suarez get fouled on the action but the ball falls to Messi who feeds in Messi. Neymar will not miss this time around as they put 3 pass Neuer. What a display by Barca 13 minutes to the end of the game. Bayern has a mountain to climb in second leg


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