The old lady sends Real parking after a 1-1 draw

This was the upset many did not see coming. The Italians just finished the Italian job against a below average Madrid team. I am taking no credit off Juventus. They just exposed what some have been saying about the Real Madrid defense. Very unbalanced squad that has struggled without Luka Modric.

Ronaldo was also mediocre although he scored all two goals in both games. He is a player that is restricted in the final third. Without Benzema in the first leg he struggled falling deep to look for service. Today he had Benzema back in line up but never made much of a difference apart from the penalty he scored.

Madrid went ahead in a very controversial way. James went down so easily in the box and the referee was duped into calling a penalty. Credit to the Juventus players who kept their focus and fought hard as momentum mounted in Real’s favor. It was very important that they did not go two down and played with heart to prevent that. They went into the half time satisfied with the result so far.

Real came back into the second half knowing they needed another goal. Pobga was huge in the midfield as he set the pace and helped out the aging Pirlo. Vidal was at his best with some help as well. It was a hard fought battle and Juventus made Real pay for poor defending in the 57th minute. Free header by Pobga to find Morata. His strike was hard to stop by the great Casillas. real was rattled with that goal and Juventus was exactly where they wanted. They pressed further with Real on the ropes and were stopped by great saves from Casillas.

Alegri out coached Ancelotti in both games. Ancelotti greatest mistake came in game one when he decided to bench his left and right back for poor performances in the league. That restricted his team through the wings. Real uses Marcello a lot in it’s attack and without his starting in Turin it helped expose Real. Ancelotti had to make two changes just for wing backs. That was unnecessary and two wasted subs because he knew those were starters but chose to punish them at the wrong moment.

Alegri’s big move was in the return game. As i expected he played two strikers. Morata ended up scoring scoring the goal that mattered. He knew Juventus needed a goal and played two strikers courageously. He knew with two strikers he will expose the weak Real defense. Things worked out just as he expected and he got the 1-1 draw that takes him to the finals.

Juventus now plays one of the best teams in Europe, Barcelona. Barcelona will need to watch the 1994 Champions league were they were overwhelming favorites. They were shocked by Milan AC. This game is a tricky one and they will need to be aware of the threat Juventus carries. On the other hand Real is yet to play a lethal offense as that of Barcelona. Messi is also on another level. Great final and let the best win

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