Transfer Market heats up

Raheem Sterling is making waves as he reportedly ask for a transfer. His agent has also been vocal with the issue. He said no amount of money will keep Sterling at Liverpool. Liverpool is a club that has refused exit to Suarez before and can exercise that on Raheem as well. Will it be worth the trouble? I don’t think so and i will say Raheem’s agent is going about this the wrong way. True he is talented but i do not think he is ripe enough to leave Liverpool. He is at a stage of his career where he needs more play time than sitting on the bench. Going to any bigger club will mean stiff competition and there are very few managers who will have patience to let him grow while making mistakes.

What are the possibilities of him landing at Chelsea? This will mean he will have to restructure his game. He definitely is a winger and can fight for a position with Willian but cannot do the type of defensive work Willian does. At 20 he is very young and still has room for improvement. Manchester City is another team looking to restructure. He can have a role on the wings as well. Players like Narvas have been okay but lack the scoring edge Sterling has developed. There are many different possibilities for the talented player, Arsenal and why not Manchester united

Another player rumored to be on the go is Yaya Toure of City. At 32 i think it is the right moment for him to move. The problem is, can City replace his 10 plus goals a season? Even after a bad year this season, Yaya still has 12 EPL goals. There are not many midfielders that can score that many goals on a consistent basis. The reason i say that is because City is a team many come to defend against. Strikers always well defended upon and it is left to the midfield to help the likes of Aguero and sometimes Dzeko. His departure will clear some salary space for yet another superstar though.

Alex Song is rumored to be wanted by City and Chelsea. The Cameroonian midfielder has been on loan at West Ham from Barcelona. He proved to many that he can still play at a high level after spending much of his time at Barca on the bench. Song will provide some healthy competition if he moves to any of these teams

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