Rarely does a team win and i start by giving credit to management. Sporting directors who did the deal for Raketic, Suarez and Neymar. Those are Barcelona’s three scorers of the day. Neymar in his second year has shown that it was money well spent. He is so humble and enjoys his role under the leadership of Messi. Raketic another new comer has successfully replaced Maestro Xavi. His goal today crowns a season of hard work. Shows how well he fits into the system. Last but not least, Suarez is on a good run.

Juventus came into this game knowing they must take risk. They did and it almost got Barca off guard. Their high pressing forced Barca into early errors. That lasted just two minutes. Confidence was high and that must have made Juventus to loose concentration. Messi rolled into the midfield to receive the ball. Pobga and Evra did not make any challenges and the little wizard had all the time to deliver a diagonal ball. He found Alaba who played it with one touch onto Neymar. Neymar did the magic to frieze defenders and then found Iniesta on the run. Iniesta played it beautifully to Raketic who scored Barca’s first.

Juventus were tattled and so focused on defense letting Barca enjoy more possession. Juventus did well to survive the storm and kept an eye on Messi. They had some chances but never capitalized. Barca did enjoy the bulk of possession and could have scored another in the first half but for some heroic stops from Buffon. Suarez and Neymar both came close

Second half was same approach for Juventus and it did pay off after some carelessness from Alves. His long ball to find Neymar got intercepted by Juventus and they mounted a good counter attack. Beautiful back heel from Machissio to play in Maglazi who had intercepted the ball earlier. He delivered a beauty to find Tevez. Tevez with his back to goal did a 180 degree turn to fire a low and difficult shot for the keeper to handle. Morata was there to clean up the mess, 1-1. Juventus had momentum and so went for yet another goal. Barca was rattled and Pobga was winning lots of 1 on 1 battles. Pirlo was lost and struggled in most parts.

Juventus left spaces behind as they tried to take advantage of Barca. Messi fell deep into the midfield and started his runs on many occasions. He collected a great ball from Raketic into space and ran towards the defenders. He went through them like hot knife through butter. He then delivered a low strike that Buffon could not handle. Suarez will not be denied this time around, Barca 2 Juve 1. Neymar scored what looked to be Barca’s third but goal was rightly cancelled for handball.

At this juncture the game was open and Juventus fought for their life. Barca was not going to let them in and played possession football. They exposed Juve yet again on another counter attack as Neymar scored the third and final goal for Barca. What a game it was. Juventus was physical from get go and were lucky to finish with 11 on the field. Barca was just too experience and too good a team for the men of Turin. Barcelona wins it’s 4 th  #UCL within a decade. They won in 2006,2009,2011 and 2015. You be the judge

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