Manchester City rolls over West Brom

Manchester City played the last game of the first round and won with style.Teams that have won EPL opening games on Mondays have gone to win the EPL for the past two seasons.City will be hoping that the trend continues after a convincing 3-0 win.

West Brom showed too much respect for the citizens and they were made to pay.David Silva was in great form making everyone play.Movement of the whole city team was great.Passes mostly moving forward and attacking the flanks with new boy, Sterling.His pace is tremendous and should have scored on a one on one situation.Yaya went to him a couple of times over the top and he helped stretch the defense. City now has another player that can run behind the defensive line.

First goal was pin ball like.Yaya’s strike was deflected by Silva and it took another deflection before rolling into the empty net.West Brom was left chasing the ball and not able to impose any type of play.City dominated and scored a second with some great team work.Yaya curled in a great set up by Bony into the top of the net.It was almost a one way traffic and the city defense was not put into test.

Good offensive game for the citizens.They had not much to do defensively in second half as well.They wrapped up the game in the second half with Kompany scoring a beautiful header.City must know that their defense has not been tested enough.They will face a tougher test when they go against defensive champions Chelsea.Great win for City as they go on top of the table and most importantly no goals conceded

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