Aston Villa loss Narrowly to Manchester United, 0-1

Aston Villa started the game strong,refusing any type of outlets for the United front men.They passed on the ball pretty well from deep in their half into the final third.Veretout showed some good enough pace on the left wing but he was matched up by Darmian with some good defending

United meanwhile was strong without the ball with Schneiderlin and Carrick just In Front of the back four.ManU shows that with players fit at the back they can defend.

Manchester was slow passing the ball around but had to count on self brilliance from Januzaj and Mata.The goal scorer started the run and was at the end of it to put ManU 1 up.The assist was a brilliant one as Mata shows why he should be play maker for ManU.I think Micah should have stayed up while defending because Januzaj had a tough angle when he faked the strike.He decided to go down and created lots more space for the player to operate from.Micah should have won a PK for his side after being held during a corner kick.

Second half was a more adventurous one for Aston Villa who took more risk.Armani was very active on the left hand side and created some problems for Darmian.LVG had to pull out some tired legs and brought in fresh players

Schneidelin a great buy the the Red Devils with a strong display assuring that defense.Villas enjoyed some good possession but never threatened the Manchester goal that much.

Mata had some flashy moments and almost had another assist but the one time strike of DePay went inches wide.Tough display from Villa who showed lots of quality in their play.Yet another ugly but solid defensive win for LVG and his men.

Juan Mata man of the match while Rooney and DePay had bad games


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