Who needs not loose,Chelsea or Arsenal?

Arsenal had a very disappointing start of the season against City rivals West Ham.To be honest they were second best of the day in a game that many gave them an upper hand.Sunday they play a tricky team, away at Crystal Palace.Last season in the same fixture Arsenal won a tough one 2-1.With the pressure on the Gunners must now respond away from home

Bellerin is fit to come back.I think he was missed in their last game because of his offensive play.Arsenal with Deburchy had not much moving forward.They will also have Sanchez back who did not look sharp in last game.Theo might start ahead of Giroud.His pace was lacking in that game.Running behind defenses will keep them honest and push the defensive line backwards.Arsenal must finish better

Crystal Palace has straightened their squad and will have two strong wingers that can cause Arsenal trouble in counter attacking football.Bolasie and Zaha are very strong and elusive players.Arsenal must deal with these issues.Pace was a major weakness in their defending against West Ham.

Chelsea on the other hand dropped two points at home.Disappointing results for them as they also lost Courtois to a red card.They have a more difficult fixture against City.City looked good in their opener but were not tested defensively by West Brom.It will not be easy against players like Hazard and Willian

There has been so much distraction about Doctors in the Chelsea camp.The squad must put this behind them knowing a loss could be bad for their campaign.A loss will put them 5 points behind Manchester City and ManU.Mourinho is well aware of that and has taken control of controversy about doctors.The players are well focus and looked sharp against Swansea although they dropped two points.Playing 10 giants 11 was not easy but they created lots of opportunities.

I think Arsenal is the team that cannot loose in this case.They are playing a much more weaker team and will be devastating is they drop 3 points against another mid table team.Sunday will be full of drama

One comment

  • Good analysis.
    To add, the west ham keeper must also be applauded. He was phenomenonal.
    As a united fan, a bad result for arsenal and a draw for the city v Chelsea game makes sense for me.
    However, I think Arsenal has to step up.
    The Chelsea v City game will be a tactical clash with players against each. Ivanovic was poor in the first game and with the movement of Sterling, life won’t be easy either. Handling of Hazzard too by city will be different from looking after Berahino.


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